What is cable drag chains?How make a good choice?

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What is cable drag chain?

Cable drag chain is also called cable carrier, which is mainly designed to cover the cable wire on machine, it can also cover the water and oil hose. Why did those cable wires need to be covered? In the industry environment, cable wire can be in a mess, in long term fastly machine movement, every cable and related wire occurs uneven pull and winding, sometimes the manufacture process will produce small shaving, soil and other industrial pollutants, it is easily attached on the cable and resulting in corrosion damage.

Why use cable drag chain?

Install cable drag chains can reduce dust generation from cable friction, dust generation will damage the electronic parts on the precision machine, and dust generation will also decrease durability of machine but increase the repair charge. If the factory has higher demand like clean room, small dust can more effect to the yield, in order not to cause this kind of damage, installing cable drag chain is a good choice, and it can also reduct the cost.

How to choose the cable drag chain material? 

Usually, it is difficult to recognized the material quality of the cable drag chain, some bad supplier mix the recycle and new material to manufacture the cable drag chain, but the mix material will have big difference from the new one on the anti-wear ability, please follow below item to judge the material quality :

Friction the surface by hard material

Friction good material will generate powder, friction bad material will generate bigger paticle.

Observe the surface of cable drag chain

Good material looks smoothly, bad material looks roughly and not uniform.

Touch the surface of cable drag chain

Good material touchs smoothly, bad material touchs roughly and not uniform.

Advantages after install cable drag chain on industrial equipment 

Install cable drag chain on dynamic cable can make the movement of cables predictable, it not only provide high tensile load and resistance ability, such as: oil-resistance, corrosion-resistance. Choose enclosed type cable drag chain will prevent the cable from pollution by environment, which increase the convience of arrange cable and reduce the noise while machine working, the working environment will also become clean and well ordered.

Where do we need cable drag chain?

Install cable drag chain on different machine has many advantages, such as: Industrial automation system, manufacturing product line, automated robotic arm and different large machines, there are different kind and different kind of material of cable drag chain in order to cope with different industrial need.

General type

Suitable for general type factory environment, provide basic anti-pull and wire arrange function.

<General type cable drag chain specification>

Enhance type

Enhance each nod to increase the ability suffering from heavy loading.

<Enhance type cable drag chain specification>

Enclosed type

Suitable for the environment which lots of scrap, the enclosed type cable drag chain is not easily to attached scrap which will cause the motion not smooth.

<Enclode type cable drag chain specification>

Metal type

Cable drag chain material is engineering plastic wrap by stainless steel, it moves more quiet and it also prevent from small scrap.

<Metal type cable drag chain specification>



Are you annoying about factory machine repairing, material wasting, working environment cleanning? Choose the right cable drag chain can not only reduce the machine repair charge and save the money and human resource, but also look neat and clean, to know more about cable drag chain detail information, please click <here>