Constantly active of created market and cumulative

C.E.O in the leadership of the company, we has more than 9,000 customers in Taiwan . And we were the most important and the largest machine tool components factory in Taiwan.After years of market changes, our company also constantly innovative ideas and slowly growth until now. Today, our products have entered China and city in the world,our company constantly active of created market and cumulative years of good reputation,In addition to meeting customer requirements for customized a variety of products,can be better achieved rapid on-time delivery, and can have a good product quality, and thus strengthen the competitiveness of products.

R & D capabilities

Megus in manufacturing and research and development of machine tool components has accumulated a wealth of experience, professionalism and efficiency of the customization process, establishment of complete supply chain upstream and downstream manufacturers and large customer databases, can provide the product needs of customers and by the most expeditious assistance.

Excellent services

Actively open up markets, and established reputation, we have excellent quality and meet customer needs quickly. In addition, in order to improve service and expand the marketing arrangement, we are actively building locations, in order to respond quickly to customer demand, shorten delivery and provide after-sales service, thus strengthening the competitiveness of products.

Expand business

Megus will continue to change and innovation, and still maintain commercial service first, quality first and good faith for the first. We will continue to strive to quality technology and future research and development work and to establish a win-win partnership with our customers.