What kinds of bellows cover are there? 5 steps to choose the right bellows cover.


“Bellows covers” is also widely called “bellows way covers”, the purpose of installed a bellows covers is to protect the machine and the equipment, mostly CNC machine tools. Bellows covers can protect the slide way and the ball screw on the CNC machine tools from oil, water, cutting fluid and metals cuttings going inside resulting in wrong or not accurate machining dimensions. We can help you to choose different materials and types of bellows covers according to your working occasions. 
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What are the types of bellows covers?

With the increasing application of the bellows covers, there are various type of bellows covers which we can classify into two cases below. 

Case1:The material of the bellows covers 

Metallic guard bellows covers

According to the experience of heavy cutting process on CNC machine, we always encounter the cutting fluid and the metal cuttings splashing around, the metal cuttings also hitting strongly around inside the machine by the reinforce cutting force, we need a strong slide way protection to prevent the scratching damage and the hitting damage on the machine slide way. Normally, the bellows covers are made of folding high polymer clothes, in order to enhance the protection on the heavy cutting occasions, we always need to add the stainless steel clad on the surrounding area of the bellows covers (basically roof type, flat type or U-type), it can not only enhance the protection of bellows covers but also has a smaller compress space itself. It can increase CNC machine working stroke and add more design freedom while designing a brand new CNC machine. What’s more, it is light enough to install on your machine easily! 

High polymer bellows covers

Except the heavy cutting occasions on the CNC machines, you will also encounter the occasion as : heat-proof, oil-proof, water-proof, acid-proof, alkali-proof, anti-static, UV-proof, HF-proof, HNO3-proof… For those occasions on the CNC machines, we will use the high polymer material to make the bellows covers, those material include : neoprene, lattice leather, PVC, composite material for semi-conductor industries, nylon fiber, TPU, Teflon, heat resistance cloth…, it is not only light enough to easily installed on your machine, but also can fit your customized requirement by our manual folding process. 

Case 2 : The shape of the bellows covers 

Flat type bellows covers

Flat type bellows covers can protect a single flat surface, we see single flat surface normally on the top and the verticle direction of the 5-axis CNC machine, it is not only light but also strong enough to protect the machine. Except the 5-axis CNC machines, it is also commonly used on semi-conductor equipments.   

U type bellows covers

U-type bellows covers can protect three flat surface at the same time, it is commonly used on the slide way of CNC turning and milling machine, surface grinding machine, linear slide...etc. Except the normal U-type bellows covers, we can also customized the special U-type bellows covers for you. 

Enclosed type bellows covers

The enclosed type bellows covers can protect an enclosed area, such as prevent the oil, or dust from going inside the inner structure. Normally, the enclosed type bellows covers are used on the lift table and EDM wire cutting machine, the advantage is to prevent the operator entering the siccor structure accidently and encounter an industrial accident. 

Round type bellows covers

The round type bellows covers are also called round bellows, it can also protect inner structures. It is widely used in many occasions such as : the ball screw of lift table, the rod of the mold, the protection of the laser beam...etc. The advantage of install a round type bellows cover is to protect the rod or the ball screw from easily damage, it can also prevent the energy lose of the laser beam.

Customized shape bellows covers

The bellows covers has many different shape, MEGUS International has 30 years bellows covers manufacture experience, we can customized design the bellows covers for customers, please contact us for your further inquiries.

5 Steps to choose the right bellows covers 

Step 1 : To master the information of the bellows cover

Before your inquiry of bellows covers, you can first masters some important information of it such as the used occasions requirement like : oil-proof, acid-proof, alkali-proof, heat-proof…, and the dimensions of bellows covers. You can download the inquiry form on our website link below to save a lot of time while inquiry process, you can also send us an e-mail or a fax.

Step 2:To master the information of the bellows cover suppliers

During finding the good global supplier of bellows covers, first we suggest you to master some information such as : establish year, certification requirements(like : RoHS, Reach…), the number of available items. If you have requirement of the certification, please let us know before your purchase order.

Step 3 : To master the price of bellows covers

After confirm the items you need and the suppliers you trust, you can release the inquiry. If you provide your inquiry to us, we will provide our quotation within 1-3 days, please let us know if you have mass quantities order or little amount various items, we will provide our best price to you.

Step 4 : The customized design of the bellows covers

Many people always encounter the little amount, various items problem during the customer design inquiry. MEGUS International is a 30 years experience manufacture factory, we can quote by customers' requirement no matter it is a sporadic purchase order or it is an orderly order.

Step 5 : To master the bellows covers manufacture quality

After complete the bellows covers manufacture process, we will have the inspection procedure by customers' requirement (100% inspection or partial inspection). We can record the quality area which customers care (ex: water seal, air seal, oil seal requirement...), and also enhance the bellows covers valley which is often fatigue failure after 3-5 year life time.


MEGUS International is one of the leading manufacture factory in our field, we provide million sets bellows covers to the market for more than 30 years, we also establish more than 9,000+ customers. We have enough customized experience to face different requirement of our customers, we are looking forwarder to have a nice and long term relationship with you in the near future.