What is industrial brushes? The application of industrial brushes.


Industrial brushes is mainly used in CNC tool magazine system, in order to prevent the metal cuttings stick on the cutting tools, install the industrial brushes might be an important issue. There are various type of industrial brushes, such as those used in CNC machine industry, solar energy industry, PCB equipment industry, industrial motors…etc. We can customized the industrial brushes through customers requirement. Install the industrial brushes can not only extend the CNC machine lifetime, but also reduce the repair cost. Talking about the application of industrial brushes, let us organized it in details below. 

The application of industrial brushes

The application of the industrial brushes has been used in machine tool equipment, CNC machine, PCB equipment, solar industry, lift door gap protection, public transportation, roll up cover protection, food machine, ball screw protection, grounding protection or anti-static protection…etc. The solar industries has many industrial brushes requirement recently, PCB equipment are used anti-static brushes to clean or distribute the PCB boards in order to prevent the short cut damage. Besides, except anti-static brushes requirement, we can also manufacture ring type industrial brushes to protect the ball screw or even guide the electric current on motor…etc. Industrial brushes always used N66, PE, anti-static, conductive material. Customized manufacture is our promise to our customers, it is also the most competitive part of us. 

The common form of industrial brushes include :

Flat type industrial brushes:The aluminum holder strip brushes is our standard product, the length can be customized manufacture. (click here for more detail spec)
Roller type industrial brush:Such as automatic cleaning brushes, fruit clean brushes…etc.
Ring type industrial brush : Ring structure or partial ring structure, such as : ball screw, grounding ring…etc.
Customized industrial brush : Such as rubber based brushes, ball screw brushes, special dimension brushes…etc.
Special material industrial brush : Such as anti-static, transparent brushes, special brushes diameter, electric conduct function…etc.
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The characteristic of industrial brushes : 

1. Installed the industrial brushes can not only prevent the dust, particle, cutting metals from going into the gap of the moving equipment, but it can also extend the lifetime of the machines. 
2. We used N66 for the common aluminum brushes, and we import brush material from Germany to make the customized anti-static brush order. We can provide the customized brushes products to you orderly with reasonable deliver time. 
3. Our customized brushes can be made by different shape, material, dimensions, please provide the drafting to us before inquiry in order to save your time. 

Conclusion : 

MEGUS International provides customized orders to different industries, we has made more than millions industrial brush orders to customers, so we has enough experience to solve our customers’ problems, we are a reliable partner! 

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