Bellow boot covers

Round rubber bellow Introduction
Round rubber bellow is mainly application on ball screw, hydraulic cylinder, and any other axial moving element, it is also application on Electrical Discharge Machine very often. The purpose of installing round rubber bellow is to prevent oil and water going into axial moving element. Round rubber bellow is also suitable for long distance ball screw protection. In order to deliver it fast and on time to customers, we provide the standard table which are mostly in stock, customer can choose flange type, clamp type, inner diameter, outer diameter, etc. Round rubber bellows are also satisfactory in RoHS certification and can work under oil and high temperature occasion.
Round rubber bellow material
Megus provide professional bellows (rubber) boot covers to global market, especially for the ball screw equipment and hydraulic cylinder occasions.
Megus bellows boot covers are stably produce in Taiwan for more than 30 years.
Round rubber bellow advantage
Megus bellows boot covers require dust proof, oil-proof and heat proof properties.
Besides the standard order, customized order is availabe.(please provide the dimension: A, B, C, D, H, Lmax, Lmin)