Cable drag chains

General type cable drag chain

MEGUS has provide machine accessories for more than 30 years, the metal and plastic cable drag chain is mainly used on machine tools, laser cutting machine, automation product line...etc.
The purpose of install cable drag chain is to both prevent from the cable friction damage and the bad appearance of the working machine.
The customized length general type cable drag chain is easily openable by operator, it is convenient to change or maintain the cables while needed.
Megus cable drag chains are made by high quality plastic injection molding process, and the mounting flange is made by heavy metal punching process.
The cable drag chain structure is easily opened by the operator while the cable maintaining process.
The cable drag chain material is basically anti-corrosion and it is not easy to deformed while suffer in heavy pressure.
The cable drag chain length is customized design by customer demand.
Cable drag chains were mainly used in CNC machine industry, and it is currently used in 3D printer industry as well.