Bellows way covers

U-type bellows way covers

Bellows cover introduction
Bellows way cover are application on machine tools, double column surface grinder, PCB equipment, semi-conductor equipment, etc. The purpose of install bellows cover is to protect the linear moving element through the spindle moving in highly accuracy, it can also increase the life time of the machine. Bellows cover dimensions, compress, extend dimension and material cloth can be customized manufactured. According to different working place we will suggest the suitable material for our customers.
Bellows cover description
Bellows cover is made of rubber cloth, both side flange is made of carbon steel with coating. The inner material such as : roller, scissor support, PVC support, limitation, are customized adding in the bellows cover.
U-type bellows cover advantage
Oil-proof, waterproof, dust-proof, acid proof and alkali proof for customer demand, also it can satisfied clean room occasion as CLASS 1000 level.
In order to provide better customer service, to provide us your order information (type, size, height of each fold and the use occasion) is very important.
Bellows cover application
U-type of bellows cover is mainly application on machine tools, CNC machine, double column surface grinder, PCB forming machine, PCB drilling machine, water cut machine, wood carving machine, etc. Installing bellows cover can easily prevent the dust going into machine slide way, it can always stay machine accuracy and life time in a higher level.