Water and oil vapor filter for compressed air

The main purpose of installing this compress air filter is to filt out the water vapor and oil vapor in the compressed air. Clean and dry air is required in many pneumatic operation occasions (such as: robotic arms, spray guns for coating equipment, robotic arms for pick and place components in electronics factories, etc.). If the compressed air contains excessive moisture, oil vapor and water vapor will cause the equipment to act inaccurately or even out of order! Therefore, the function of installing this oil-water vapor filter can not only reduce the failure caused by the incorrect actuation of the equipment, but also make the pneumatic equipment have a higher lifetime.
Structure, material and operating principle
This filter is mainly uses the centrifugal force method to filt the oil and water vapor in the compressed air. There are two filter cups in the filter, and there are filter and molecular sieve in the filter cup. The material of the filter is "PP + borate fiber", and has a filtration accuracy of 1um. After the compressed air is filtered by the filter element, it will pass through the molecular sieve for the second layer filtration, in that way, we can get clean air in even higher level. Because the compressed air itself has a positive pressure (4KG-7KG), the oil and water vapor will be pressed into and stored in the molecular sieve by the high-pressure air, in this way, we can get higher level clean compressed air for application.
The advantage of this filter is that it can save energy for long-term use, and it is fully automatic sensing without additional manual operation or maintenance. When it comes to the time for changing filer core, there is a warning light on the surface of the equipment to remind you to replace the filter core, in this way, you can continous use clean, dry compressed air.
This filter is often used in: food processing industry, mechanical processing industry, pneumatic cylinder machinery industry, aerospace industry, plastic injection factory, heavy locomotive, professional maintenance paint, painting industry, dentist, electronic industry and other compressors air end users.