Why choose MEGUS Taiwan ( Little quantities various items )?


We are professional customized machine tool accessories manufacture factory for 30 years in Taiwan, we can deliver our product to anyplace in the word in 7 days. Difficult buying simple accessories results in many machine dying and replaced by a new costly one. Sometimes, it is not only lacking of benefit but also damaging company operations. When the machine has stopped running by a broken parts, you can take the pictures of the latter and sent it to us, we will soon reply you quotation by short communication of “little amount, various item” parts, and surely it is good quality and durability with any brand of machine. Because we are basically familiar with machine brand of different area, so we can serve our global customer with our best suggestion. Also the semi-conductor, precision machinery, automatic industries and turn-key solution is our familiar industries. Beside German and Japan manufacture, Taiwan is one of the biggest machine tool, CNC machine manufacture export countries, there are good quality products, completed supply chain and also the on-time deliver principle, we provide our best quality product and service to our global customers by 60km supply chain and our best effort.