Machine coolant tube

Engineer plastic coolant tube

Megus provides professional (machine) coolant tube for CNC machine as a Taiwan supplier to global market.
We specialized in CNC coolant hoses and machine coolant hose, we are excellent machine accessories supplier in Taiwan for more than 30 years.
Megus coolant tube is made of engineer plastic which can be anti corrosion.
Each ball socket surface of coolant tube is designed accurately and made by injection molding process.
Each ball socket element cooperate tightly to prevent non-essential motion during high-pressure fluid flows through.
Megus machine coolant tube satisfied customized length requirement by add or reduce ball socket element, it can also easly add or reduce by customer side if needed.
Megus machine coolant tube is avaliable to add valve, 2-ways connector, 3-ways connector into any ball socket element.
Megus machine coolant tube can also installed a flat nozzle to change the way of oil/water flow.
Megus machine coolant tube can suffer in high pressure water/oil by installing the yellow buckle by customer demand.
Megus machine coolant tube can be installed on magnet base in order to install on any place on machine.