Bellows way covers

Flat type bellows way covers

Bellows way cover introduction
Bellows way cover is mainly used on machine tools, laser cutting machine, semi-conductor equipment...etc. The purpose of install bellows way cover is to protect the slide way of the machine, in order to maintain the precision moving and increase the lifetime of the spindle. Bellows way cover can be customized manufacture by metal flange dimensions and maximum and minimum distances. We will also choose different material cloth to make bellows way cover for customers by different requirement.
Bellows way cover material
Bellows way cover body is made of rubber cloth, the both end flange is made of metal sheet, inner structure is customized by customers like roller, scissor spring structure, PVC support, limiter Strap...etc.
Bellows way cover advantage (Flat type)
Oil-proof, waterproof, dust-proof, acid proof and alkali proof for customer demand.
Flat type bellows cover is suitable for machine equipment, CNC machine tools, electronic equipment and semi-conductor equipment protection.
We can customized manufacture bellows cover by metal flange dimensions, minimum length, used occasion and the lifetime.
Bellows way cover application
Flat type bellows way cover is mainly used in machine tools, measurement equipment...etc. The purpose of install bellows way cover is to maintain the precision and the appearance of machine by preventing the dust going into it.